About Us

The History of emeis

The story of emeis began in 1989, when a neuropsychiatrist opened his first retirement home in Saujon, Charente-Maritime, France. As new establishments were built, the ORPEA Group was created.

Today, the Group is established in over 20 countries, mainly in Europe, and covers a comprehensive care offering of mental health clinics and medical and rehabilitation care, retirement homes, assisted living and home care, representing almost 1,000 establishments and 76,000 employees.

In 2024, ORPEA became emeis, reflecting its values and purpose, and adopting a mission statement: We are committed to mobilizing our innovative strength to help those who find themselves in a fragile state to regain or preserve their strengths and abilities, to cultivate their zest for life, and to give confidence and serenity to their loved ones.

Our Mission

Together, let’s be a force for life for the most vulnerable.

This is our profound conviction. Together, we are working to meet one of the greatest societal challenges of the coming world.

We have made a commitment and are actively bringing to fruition our capacity for innovation to help those who one day find themselves in need for such services to restore or maintain strength and capabilities, to cultivate their love of life and give their loved ones a sense of trust and peace of mind.

Our Values

A commitment to humanity

Because in caring, we reveal our humanity.

Taste for life

Because to care for others is to cultivate the desire to live.

Thirst to learn

Because the more we learn, the better we care.

Spirit of mutual aid

Because helping others begins with helping each other.